Synthetic Ground Motion Data for Finite Source Inversion Blind Tests in the Marmara Area for FP7 MARSite project

This page is for the purpose of sharing the synthetic data for various earthquake scenarios in the Sea of Marmara (MARSite project - WP5). We are working on the ground motion simulations around the Sea of Marmara, including the region of Istanbul, over a dimension of 200 km (East-West) x 120 km (North-South).
This work is progressing with the GFZ (Germany) team, in particular. If someone else is interested, please contact me.

Figure 1: Map of model area (black frame) with a dimension of 200 km (EW) x 120 km (NS) x 40 km (depth). The receiver positions implemented in the simulations (open circle : Broadband statoin operated by KOERI, triangles : Strong Motion stations operated by KOERI). Small dots show the seismicity (Mw > 3) from the KOERI catalogue. Besiders these receiver points, the synthetic seismograms are recorded at thousands structured grid points (top-right panel) in order to provide the ground motion map.
Date Original in July 2014.
Revised in August 2014.
Updated on 20th November 2014 (data for 120 seconds, additional receivers)
Hypocenter 28.5274E, 40.8717N, 9.75 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 8.2 Mb
Note Dynamically simulated source, probably the easiest case to identify the rupture area, rupture directivity, and magnitude.
Date Updated on 24th November 2014.
Hypocenter 28.7991E, 40.8730N, 9.8 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 8.1 Mb
Note Dynamically simulated source, more complex than the previous one.
Date 28th Nocember 2014.
Hypocenter 28.455E, 40.859N, 14 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 8.2 Mb
Note Kinematically constructed based on the characteristic source model.

Date 7 January 2015.
Hypocenter 28.317E, 40.852N, 17 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 8.1 Mb
Note Source model based on a kinematic inversion of another event.
Date 16 January 2015.
Updated also on the 16th January 2015.
Hypocenter 28.2305E, 40.8482N, 7 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 8.1 Mb (revised)
Note Checker-board like inversion test (original slip given by GFZ).
Date 20 January 2015.
Hypocenter 27.7572E, 40.8223N, 11 km depth
Data 47 receivers. 7.8 Mb
Note Kinematic model based on a slip distibution of another inversion (given by GFZ).

Date 1D simulation: 3 March 2015.
3D simulation: 5 March 2015.
Setting Click image to enlarge.
Data (1D simulation) 47 receivers. 7.9 Mb
Ground motion is calculated in the given 1D layered model.
Data (3D simulation) 47 receivers. 8.0 Mb
Ground motion is calculated in the 3D structure for the same source model.

Figure 2: Synthetic ground motion at station CTKS for three scenarios. BLACK: Scenario 1, RED: Scenario 2, and BLUE: Scenario 3. No filter is applied.
Marmara Finite Source Inversion Blind Test / Marmara Earthquake Scenario Database / Marmara Synthetic Ground Motion Database
Created on the 20th November 2014. Contact to Hideo Aochi.